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Imagine you were taking a walk down the street and you hear someone say “Koodo” referring to a dog, what would your reaction be? Your guess is same as mine. Another scenario, imagine naming a Labrador retriever “Thunder”, it doesn’t suit their personality. So also it is with naming your brand.

Does it appall or appeal?

It isn’t enough to have a wonderful product, idea and mind altering content, how well you present and package all these matter a lot. That brings us to what we call branding. This would definitely be a long series because the issue of branding cannot be overemphasized. Today, we’ll be looking at the preliminaries of branding ‘’naming your puppy” as I have tagged this post simply is about choosing the right name for your brand.
Some days ago I came across a case study that prompted me to write this post. I had patronized this middle aged lady who runs a POS cash-in, cash-out business. Since the banking system has repeatedly failed me due to lack of required number of ATM’s to satisfy the increasing rise in number of daily users so it became very convenient to walk into a POS center to make my withdrawals.
So I prompted to ask this lady How her business name is pronounced.
“Fra-Gab-Kon” she said with a smile. It is coined from the names Francis, Gabriel and Okechuku*(Igbo) She went further to explain.
She ran a good business service, her services were quite okay, and her charges reasonably convenient. But the name was not a good selling point.
Choosing the right for your business is more important than the type of business itself.
A good name with poor services will sell even if it is for a while but a terrible name or better put, a name that does not catch peoples fancy will never sale deliberately.


Play around with intonations: take for instance google, konga, jumia, the last two have this traditional appeal in the way they sound. When choosing a brand name or as I have tagged, when naming your puppy, stress syllables are of the essence. It isn’t just about choosing a word that sounds fancy or nice, but also, it should sound related. For instance, google, it sounds not just nice, but it also sounds related to what the brand represents. If you do your research, you will find out that google’ wasn’t their first choice. ‘BlackRub’ was, hilarious isn’t it. It not only did not sound nice; it also did not sound related. So when choosing a brand name, it should sound both nice and related.

Play around with Word Combos (Portmanteau): the woman in my story tried to do this, but she broke the first commandment, ‘Fra-Gab-Kon’. The intonation was far from appealing and relation. Edutainment, Comcast are good examples. Portmanteau is simply combining two or more words to invent a new, made up word that encompasses the meaning of both of those original words one.

Be Creative & Explore Orthodox why sweat it choosing a brand name when you can simple use a traditional word that represents your product. Take for instance, ‘NIKE’ Nike is a Greek word for the god of victory. It’s as simple as that. Also another example is ‘ADIDAS’ which is simply an acronym for ‘All Day, I Dream About Sports. This is simple creativity spelt out.
Now try any these steps to name your puppy with something you don’t need to stress to call. Give that your idea a name that stands out and also represents in entirety what it’s all about.

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