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Intellect gives you analysis, a technical knowledge of things, your environment, clients, potential customers’ etcetra. Intellect is good, but it only explains and explicates but lacks the ability to excecute.

Instinct on the other hand is that one thing the university degrees and on-the-job experience cannot instill in you. You can acquire knowledge from men of reputable skills but it only makes you intellectual and full of knowledge with limited clue of its application. Intellect disputes what can be, the proclivity of a potential. It is based on process, routine, most of the time producing mudane and mediocre results.

Your intellect is a function of what can be seen on the outside, it is built up by a matrix of past events and achievements. Intellect may tell you who your customers are, but it will never avail you the opportunity to decipher and decode what it is they really want that exceeds popular demands.

In this highly competitive environment, satisfying or meeting demands will never produce exceptional results. We must instinctively exceed what is commanded of us and veer into the creative to which there is no previous point of reference

Pacesetter and high achievers move by instincts because there is nothing outwardly that suggests the possibility of what they envisage on the inside.

It is instict that tell you when the tide changes, it keeps you afloat. Instinct tells you what the missing link is, it drives you to be creative and unique in you branding, business strategy and plan formulation.

It is the law of instincts that determines how we manage the moment, move into position and adapt, resourcefully create, and strategically forge ahead without fear of failure, getting lost amidst the competition, taking risks that will potentially put your business and brand in the spotlight.

Living by insincts elevates your ability to know where you are going and how to get there. It can help you know when to slow down and step back and when to accelerate and step up. And it can guide you to what you are ultimately looking for.

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