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January SEO and Social Update

January SEO and Social Update


During the month of December, it was noted by webmasters, many SEO professionals, and algorithm monitoring tools that a major update occurred, which was later confirmed by Google. The search industry dubbed the latest update the “Maccabees” update in honor of the holiday of Chanukah.

Overall it was noted that the update heavily affected pages with thin or low-quality content as well as sites that contained very bulky content—specifically pages that had a ton of keyword permutations. For example, a page containing [Service] + [12 Locations] all on a single page would have been docked in this update.

The biggest takeaway from the update is nothing new. It’s simply a reinforcement of Google’s stance on content and usability. Sites need to create quality content with a purpose to avoid negative impacts from future algorithm updates.


There are 3 major elements I feel will play a huge part in SEO and digital marketing in 2018:

search image

1. Continued growth in SEO

SEO, regardless of what you hear or read, is NOT going away. It will continue to be a vital part of many marketing strategies. In 2018 I expect to see some major growth as more business owners look to dedicate a larger share of their marketing budgets to their digital presence.


social image2. Social media key to client conversions

I believe social media will become a key factor in client conversions. Last year social media was a huge focus for many just looking to establish a social footprint. In 2018 I am betting companies that leverage social media to support their conversion cycle will be highly successful. With this, the need to support customer service and retention will also have a bigger role on social media channels.


search question image3. More emphasis on mobile

During 2018 I believe the biggest focus for business owners, customers, and search engines will be mobile. Specifically, the need for many sites to not just be mobile friendly but to offer a great user experience. This could be in the form of customer pathways, mobile features, or potential app integration. Overall I believe mobile will be the star as the next big thing in search marketing.




  1. Maximum SERP Snippet Increased – Google announced they now have a new maximum length of 320 characters for some search result snippets. (Source)
  2. Mobile First Indexing Help – Google released an update blog about getting ready for the mobile-first index. (Source)
  3. Rich Snippet Checker – Google released a new tool to help sites understand rich snippets. (Source)
  4. Confirmed Algorithm Update – During the month of December a Google algorithm update was seen and confirmed. (Source)
  5. New Webmaster Video Series – In a renewed effort from the Google Webmaster team is a series of videos answering many Google and search questions. (Source)


  1. In-Demand Skills Notification – LinkedIn has rolled out a new notification that alerts you to relevant in-demand skills you may want to learn about. (Source)
  2. Is Social Media Bad? – A quick recap of an interview with ex-Facebook vice president Chamath Palihapitiya. (Source)
  3. Social Media Recap – A great recap of many changes and key events for social media in 2017. (Source)
  4. Facebook Music – Google signed a new deal with Universal Music Group which will allow them to offer music for Facebook posts. (Source)


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